About Us

Our Company Story

Millennium City Limited is a marketing and consulting firm with special focus on thriving markets like China, Singapore and Thailand. Our focus areas of expertise is offering custom Marketing solutions for the Real Estate and Entertainment sector, with special competencies that propel our clients to the top positions in their individual markets. Among others, we provide unparalleled marketing analysis and tailored advertising solutions that help our clients get a distinct perspective on their own business, but simultaneously, also the ability to gain an advantage over competitors on the individual markets they operate in by thorough strategy-analysis.

Across every industry worldwide, large and middle market enterprises face increasingly complex challenges making it difficult to grow revenues and increase value. Capital constraints, unidentified performance issues, accountability to critical stakeholders, and a lack of alignment are only a few common circumstances inhibiting growth and success today.

At Millennium City Limited, we understand these circumstances, and work with enterprises and their stakeholders such as boards, lenders, and investors during these critical times. We integrate our financial advisory, capital advisory, valuation practices and marketing strategy planning providing the leadership needed to deliver enhanced value. Whether our clients are well-capitalized or under financial distress, we quickly and expertly diagnose the situation and drive tailor-made improvements.

We have been in our client’s shoes before – we cultivate a deep expertise as we’ve served as top executives across a spectrum of industries. We retain exceptional talent with a wide range of credentials and seamlessly fit into the fabric of management teams to provide their stakeholders with an independent view of challenges faced. It is this depth of experience uniquely combined with the flexibility of our entrepreneurial mindset, which sets us apart. We hold steadfast to the true meaning of partner – it is this passionate commitment to our clients that drives us.

We stand ready for our clients with services such as innovative analytics and business intelligence solutions; services that empower them to make pragmatic decisions backed by intelligence, broad expertise in analyzing transactional and historic data.


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